The New York Times says, “There aren't many doctors like Ronald Myers, a jazz-playing, Baptist-preaching family practitioner whose dream has always been to practice medicine in the kind of place most other doctors wouldn't even stop for a tank of gas.”

A 1985 graduate of the Univerity of Wisconsin Medical School, Dr. Myers is a leading national advocate for health care to the poor and disenfranchised. In 1988, Dr. Myers completed his residency in Family Practice at L.S.U. Medical Center, Washington St. Tammany Charity Hospital, in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

In 1990, Rev. Dr. Myers became the first ordained and commissioned medical missionary to serve in America's poorest region, the Mississippi Delta, in the history of the African American church. Founder and Director of the Myers Foundation Christian Family Health Centers, Dr. Myers provided health care to the poorest Americans through clinics in Tchula, Belzoni, Yazoo City, Indianola, Greenville and Tupelo, Mississippi.

Presently, Dr. Myers serves as the Medical Director of the Wellness Clinic of Roland, in Roland Oklahoma. He received a Doctor of Eclesia from Phoenix University of Theology where he presently serves on the Board of Regents.

Dr. Myers is the leader of the campaign to make Juneteenth Independence Day a National Day of Observance, like Flag Day or Patriot Day. Founder & President of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) and the National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC), his efforts have resulted in the recognition of Juneteenth as a state holiday or state holiday observance in 41 states, the District of Columbia and the passage of legislation in the U.S. Congress to recognize the "19th of June" as Juneteenth Independence Day in America. Dr. Myers also established the National Juneteenth Medical Commission to address the health care needs of African Americans.

Dr. Myers is the Founder of the National Day of Reconciliation and Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement, observed on the “18th of June", which includes the National Day of Remembrance of the Maafa in America and the National Juneteenth Black Holocaust Maafa Memorial Service, in Washington, DC. He is also the Founder of the World Day of Reconciliation and Healing from the Legacy of Enslavement, observed on the "20th of August", in Hampton, VA. Rev., Dr. Myers works with church leaders to apply the principals of "Biblical Reconciliation" to bring healing to the nation from the scars of enslavement.

As the Founder and President of the American Pain Institute (API), Dr. Myers lead two successful "America's In Pain!" -MARCH ON WASHINGTON - "Silent No More!", rallies in 2003 & 2004, demanding Congressional hearings on the pain crises in America.

An accomplished jazz musician, Dr. Myers serves as Artistic Director of the Mississippi Jazz and Heritage Festival and created the National Association of Juneteenth Jazz Presenters (NAJJP) to promote June is Juneteenth African American Legacy Month and "June is Black Music Month!" - CELEBRATING JUNETEENTH JAZZ - "Preserving our African American Jazz Legacy!". Dr. Myers also serves as the Founder and Director of the Fellowship of Creative Christian Jazz Musicians (FCCJM).

Dr. Myers and his wife, Sylvia are the proud parents of 5 children, 3 serving in the military, with multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Myers has requested a meeting with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in an effort to present him with a Junteenth Book and a Juneteenth Flag that many soldiers want to display on military bases across the country and around the world on Juneteenth Independence Day, the “19th of June”.

Dr. Myers wants you to know that he has lost over 80 lbs over the last several months in an effort to personally challenge all Americans to join in the fight against our greatest health care crises, consisting of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

An Historical African-American Evangelical Association
The National Black Evangelical Association (NBEA), is about biblical and cultural integrity. We have consecrated the Bible as the Word of God—all the Bible. We promote African-descended consciousness and culture. We are Black believers who accepted ourselves as created, loved, and redeemed by God.

Since its beginnings in 1963, NBEA has always been about reaching our community—and our world—for Christ. And we believe in prayer, for our God hears and answers prayer. In this journey, White believers and others have joined with NBEA. The organization is cross-denominational, and we respect both women and men and their gifts for ministry.

Rev. William L. "Jimi" Gwynn III

Executive Secretary for the National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC).

Rev. Gwynn is currently the Lead Servant/Organizer of the Hope of Glory Christian Assembly, St. Louis, MO. He previously served as the lead pastor of the Goodwill M.B. Church of Belzoni, MS., and Mt. Herald M.B. Church of St. Louis, MO. Rev. Gwynn studied at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Shawnee, Kansas and Phillips Jr. College, Gulfport, MS., Mississippi Baptist Seminary, Greenville, MS., Church of Christ School of Religious Studies Greenville, MS., Reformed Presbyterian Seminary, Jackson, MS.

Bishop George Dallas McKinney

Bishop George Dallas McKinney was born August 9, 1932 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Bishop McKinney is a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School in Arkansas and a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Arkansas State College where he received a B.A. degree. He studied social work at the University of Michigan, graduate School of Social Work. He received his M.A. degree from Oberlin College, School of Theology in Ohio and a Ph. D. from California Graduate School of College in Glendale, California, and received an honorary D.D. from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Bishop McKinney is the founder and pastor of St. Stephen's Cathedral COGIC which he founded in 1962 along with his late wife Dr. Jean C. McKinney.

Since 1985, Bishop McKinney has served as Jurisdictional Prelate of Southern California Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. In November 2001, he was elevated to the General Board (the presidium) of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

A former probation officer is a renowned licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, and authored Christian Marriage which provide an overview of marriage as a covenant relationship between man, woman and God and basic information regarding Biblical principles that will strengthen the marriage bond.

Bishop McKinney is internationally known for his dynamic preaching and teaching ministry, which places him in constant demand as a conference convention speaker.

Bishop McKinney is the author of eight books and has contributed to many more. He served as the senior editor for the African American Devotional Bible, published by Zondervan in April 1997.His literary contributions include The riveting New Slave Masters published by Cook Communications in 2005 and the best selling-book entitled Cross the Line: Reclaiming the Inner City for God, which he co-authored with William Kritlow in 1998. In this book, Bishop McKinney compares the inner city with Ninevah and challenges the modern day Jonahs to turn their time and talents toward the troubles inner city. With three decades of ministry in San Diego, McKinney presents church leaders and lay people with illustrations of how God is blessing the inner city and shows you how to safely and effectively cross racial lines and social lines to minister and learn from real people in the city.

He has received numerous honors in the field of religion and community service. In 1995, the San Diego Rotary Club named Bishop McKinney, "Mr. San Diego." On March 7, 2001 the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), presented Bishop McKinney with a Racial Reconciliation Man of the Year Award and in 2007 The Shelter Island Rotary presented him with The Peace Maker Award in recognition of all the work he has done for many years in the area of racial unity. Bishop McKinney is the proud parent of 5 sons, by Jean, his late first wife of more than 45 years, the grandparent of 15, and last year (August, 2008) was married to Attorney Barbara (BJ) Warren. Sister Barbara McKinney has been warmly received by the congregation of St. Stephens and is now actively involved in the life of the local Church and the Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ with her husband.

Pastor Abtew Kebede

Pasator Kebede was born and raised in western Ethiopia, Wollega province. He is now a pastor at the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church in the nation's capital - one of the most known Ethiopian churches in the US.

The International Ethiopian Evangelical Church is vibrant community of believers in the dc Metropolitan Area serving thousands of Ethiopians, Eritrean and other nationalities. In addition, the church is involved in holistic activities, where Ethiopians and Eritrean are facing hardship due to various conditions.

In recent years, the church has been working on a project involving Ethiopian and Eritrean migrant workers in Lebanon. According to IOM (International organization of Migration) there are approximately 70,000 women who are working as domestic help in Lebanon. Many of these migrant women have been subjected to undue exploitation and abuse.

Since 2008, in order to address the plight of the migrant workers, The International Ethiopian Evangelical church is mobilizing support to those victims in dire need. The Church has managed to help a number of Migrant workers to be rehabilitated and or re-integrated into society. The church has also developed a comprehensive project proposal to support and streamline its activities.

Pastor Abtew Kebede is the national executive director of the Africa For Jesus Ministry.

Titi Aynaw

Aynaw was born in the town of Gondar in northwest Ethiopia. When she was 1 year old her father died, and 10 years later, after her mother died, she was sent to live with her maternal grandparents, who had immigrated to Israel. Growing up, she heard stories of Israel - the land of “milk and honey” - but life in a new country, learning a new language, was a huge challenge for the 12-year-old. “It wasn’t easy because I couldn’t speak the language and I was put into a regular class without any help,” Aynaw told the BBC. During the 2013 Miss Israel competition, Aynaw told the judges that the time had come for a black woman to wear the crown. “It’s important that a member of the Ethiopian community win the competition for the first time,” she told the panel. “There are many different communities of many different colors in Israel, and it’s important to show that to the world.”

Rev. Ruth Schofield is ordained with the Assemblies of God. In 1995, she founded the Embassy for World Peace in Washington, D.C. which conducts a global mission protecting and defending religious freedom, and includes a global prayer tower. Ruth serves as its ambassador to the nations. She is frequently interviewed on television and has hosted her own award winning national television program, The Washington Report, for 16 years from the U.S. Capitol. Her weekly Bible teaching program, Daily Bread, has aired on satellite radio across the 20/70 Window countries. As a Zionist, Ruth has produced numerous television documentaries for Israel that have aired via satellite around the world. She has continued the vital mission of representing religious freedom and human rights issues to the three branches of government at the nation’s capital for 28 years.

Ron Wexler- Heritage Study Programs

Ron Wexler heads Heritage Study Programs, an educational travel organization based in Boca Raton, Florida and serves as president of the Ten Commandments Commission, a non-profit that fosters improved understanding between Christians and Jews.

Ron Wexler served in the Israel Defense Force during the Six-Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. He both attended rabbinical school and has done research on early Christianity, giving him the basis for his work promoting conciliation between Jews and Christians. He has produced programs for the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Government of Israel Tourist Office; in particular, he was responsible for the “Jerusalem 2000” celebration.

Joshua S. Reinstein Director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus Josh Reinstein has been the Director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus since its inception on January 5th 2004. Before assuming his present position, he served as English Language Spokesperson for the Israel Beiteinu and for Uri Lupliansky, the Mayor of Jerusalem, during his election campaign. Mr. Reinstein also owns and operates JSR International Marketing, an international marketing and public relations firm based in Israel.

Josh Reinstein is an advisor to the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs and the producer and founder of the hit TV show, Israel Now News. Israel Now News is a half an hour weekly news magazine that is broadcast to 35 million viewers in a 191 countries around the world.

Mr. Reinstein grew up in Dallas, Texas and Toronto, Canada. He is an honors graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where he earned a degree in Political Science. He served as a tank gunner in the elite 188 unit of the Israel Defense Forces Armored Corps. He currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Rebekah and three sons. This year, Mr. Reinstein was named as one of the “50 most influential Jews in the world” by the Jerusalem Post.